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Frozen Food Trucking Service

Martin Pallet, Inc. is a regional provider of frozen food transportation primarily serving Ohio and surrounding areas. Our quick response and knowledge of the industry ensure your delivery requirements are met on time and with no issues.

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Ship Green and Save Green With Recycled Pallets

Martin Pallet handles a wide variety of sizes of recycled pallets in addition to the standard 48" X 40" GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association). Our recycled GMA pallets are repaired, graded and sold based on each pallet's condition.

Buying Green
As businesses become ever more aware of the environment, many customers are turning to recycled pallets to aid them in doing their part to help save the planet. That's one reason Martin Pallet buys, repairs, and sells standard-used GMA pallets.

Saving Green
In addition to saving the planet, using recycled pallets can also save you some green. Recycled pallets are graded, repaired and sold according to each customer's needs, and we can help determine a recycled pallet best suited for your shipping requirements. Martin's recycled pallets are delivered throughout the Midwest and shipped in small order or truckload quantities.

Go Green
For current inventory, more information, or to discuss the benefits of recycled pallets, email us or call us at 330-832-5309.
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